Creating better cities for people, with people.

Creating better cities for people, with people.

Creating better cities for people, with people. Contributing to the well-being of the urbanite, in the Netherlands and beyond. That’s what we go for.

What makes us tick

What we do

Making cities more sustainable, healthy, innovative and vital. So that the people in the city can thrive. Every day, we help city councils, government agencies, architects, property developers, cultural institutions and commercial brands to have a positive impact on the city and its communities. Placemaking, placetesting and place branding are just some of the tools in our toolbox.

  • Strategy & Innovation

    For our cities of the future, we are following new paths and discovering innovative ways of thinking

  • Brand Urbanism

    By bringing brands and cities together, we turn urban dreams into reality

  • Placemaking & placetesting

    By providing plenty of room for experimentation, we increase the chances of a place being a success.

  • Place Branding

    Turning places into strong brands that (re)conquer hearts

  • Participation & Community Building

    Because two heads are better than one, we always make the city, any city, together

  • Culture-led Development

    Creating vibrant cultural places that allow neighbourhoods to flourish and cities to thrive

  • Cases

  • The healthiest neighbourhood

    A little healthier every day

    View Case
  • Amsterdamse Poort

    Transformation from shopping centre to Zuidoost’s urban heart

    View Case
  • Health Hero

    How do you create a unique concept that makes healthy urban living real?

    View Case
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    No matter who we work for,
    we all share the love for the city

    Find out what inspires us

  • Why social real estate should not go to the highest bidder

    Cultural incubators, artist’s studios and cultural community centres. They are of inestimable value to the city. Yet Rinske observes that cultural and social initiatives are increasingly losing out to the short-term financial interests of municipalities. Together with financial expert Alexander Ramselaar…

  • Guarantees for culture in growing cities: 10 tips

    Space in our rapidly expanding cities is under enormous pressure. If, in the coming years, we allow art and culture to lose out too often to the housing challenge, we will be stuck with bare and boring cities for decades to…

  • Article: How to nurture flourishing cultural and creative hubs and promote thriving communities and cities

    Art and culture are the most promising avenues to revitalize cities and neighborhoods. But to succeed as a driving force for lasting and meaningful area development, what do incubators, cultural houses and creative hubs need? In a virtual meet-up with twenty…

  • New: We’re going to the farm!

    19 partners formed an unorthodox coalition around one resounding ambition: more birds, bees and birds on the farmland around Rotterdam. Will you join them?

  • Column Retail Realism

    There’s no doubt that retail and hospitality won’t be dominating our inner cities for very much longer. Which also presents great opportunities for turning what are now shopping areas into greener, more appealing, more social and more local spaces. This transformation,…

  • Article: How culture can yield sustainable profits in urban development

    The party that invests in culture is not always the party that benefits from it. This article shares examples in which the costs and benefits of culture intersect. 'Ownership of a place is crucial to gaining and keeping position.'

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