‘In 2028 we aim to have made the lives of 28 million urbanites better and brighter.’

Making an impact on the lives of millions of urbanites: it’s not an empty promise, it’s why we’re here. We are passionate about cities. Cities are our future, but at the same time, a huge challenge. We want to make cities more liveable, sustainable, smarter, more inclusive, and healthier. So that they’ll be brighter, happier places in the future and for generations to come. It’s what drives our grand ambition! It’s what all our projects are about, and the vision our clients embrace.

Impact isn’t made alone. We make the city together. With clients, partners, entrepreneurs, residents, social and cultural organizations. Knowing that everyone can help to make the city a little brighter and better. And knowing that two heads are better than one. How do urban planners, urban sociologists, behavioural scientists, artists, economists, and marketers approach a challenge? We sit down with them and come up with a complete solution together. How do you energise residents and entrepreneurs to get involved in developing their city? We organize a physical intervention rather than an information meeting. This is how we set people in motion, towards that better city.

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