A year ago, we enriched our portfolio with the specialization 'Culture-led Development.' Now, as we reflect on the past year, we highlight the key milestones.

Exactly one year ago, we introduced a new specialisation to our portfolio. With ‘Culture-led Development we offer support for urban and area developments in which culture makers, creatives and cultural organisations play a central role. Often, these unique, but mostly temporary, places face the risk of disappearing or are executed sub-optimally due to a lack of mutual understanding among stakeholders, despite good intentions. Recognising the significant value these hubs and places hold for our cities and their residents, we strive to make a positive impact through three key approaches:

1. Advocacy

Representing the interests of these unique cultural and creative hubs with passion and expertise. Utilising inspiring examples from both Dutch and international contexts to highlight the invaluable contributions of such hubs, places and spaces. 

2. Research

Conducting research into the success factors and pitfalls associated with culture-driven developments globally. And then sharing their most important lessons, so that more parties can benefit from the insights gained by these frontrunners

3. Consultancy

Actively supporting real estate owners, (area) developers, municipalities, culture makers, creatives, and social organisations in jointly creating their own cultural or creative hub, place or district


Milestone 2023


Now, exactly one year later, we look back on a notably successful year, which includes:

  • Four Dutch case studies featured on gebiedsontwikkeling.nu, covering Werkspoorkwartier Utrecht, Strijp-R Eindhoven, Theater Zuidplein/Hart van Zuid Rotterdam, and Suikerterrein Groningen
  • Three international case studies presented in the ‘Zomertour’ series, featuring Ljubljana, Berlin, and Barcelona
  • One case from the US: the remarkable story of Flint, the city that refused to die
  • Three columns addressing relevant issues
  • The essay ‘Just doing nothing as the best government strategy for cultural area development’ on gebiedsontwikkeling.nu
  • Interview about the value of incubators, creative hubs and cultural spaces for Elle Decoration magazine
  • Over 20 keynotes and lectures featuring examples of culture-led developments
  • Five guest lectures  with examples of culture-led developments
  • The very first single-topic ‘Culture-led Development’ lecture for students of Urban Management at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
  • Seven international site-visits in Berlin, Barcelona, Ljubljana, Detroit, Flint, Innsbruck, and Antwerp for case studies.
  • Projects  including collaborations with the Municipality of Almere and CBRE IM for Amsterdamse Poort
  • Participation as an expert on various committees, think tanks, and advisory boards

Much more is in the pipeline for 2024! So stay tuned for further updates


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