Place Branding

With a compelling story, we put a place on the map and give people authentic, memorable experiences.

How do you ensure that a building, city square, park, community or city is – and continues to be – appealing? How do you create a place with a distinctive, positive and enduring image? A place loved by residents and visitors alike in a world in which tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of regions and cities compete for the attention of young talent, possible residents, tourists, companies and investors? You can make your place making and city making strategies far more successful by taking an approach based on the comprehensive place branding principle. It’s a strategy that connects with broader audiences and, by doing so, has far greater impact and longevity.


Place BrandingWith the Station Hofplein rebranding, we delved into the location’s rich history. 

To us, attractive places are strong brands. That is why, in partnership with our clients, we develop dynamic, compelling ‘urban brands’. The key to success lies in combining an optimal brand strategy with the right communication tools, in an activating cross-media campaign involving numerous stakeholders in the role of ambassador.

We developed our own place branding model: the Urban Canvas, which at the same time doubles as a handy tool for our client. It’s an inspiring document in A3 format, which offers a clear visualisation of the campaign strategy.

Why opt for place branding?

A place with a great atmosphere works like a magnet: it attracts people. Place branding can be used for a building, a city square or park, a neighbourhood, city, region or even an entire country to:

  • Place a region firmly on the map, and enhance its vibrancy and appeal
  • Highlight the unique character of a building more effectively and attract more tenants
  • Intensify the local people’s and businesses’ pride and ‘sense of belonging’ in a region
  • Connect local parties by encouraging partnerships
  • Work with local stakeholders to define a clear-cut, shared plan for the development of the region or city

How do we do it?

We build our approach around our own model, which we created not just on the basis of research but, more importantly, on our years of experience. In collaboration with our client, stakeholders and the target group, we develop a brand identity for a place – a unique blend of values that work in synergy to tell the story of the place.

We charge the region with positive associations that hold meaning for the different target groups. This provides us with input to generate a mental map of who we want to reach. We involve all of the parties who use the region: residents, visitors and businesses. With this as our basis, we create a brand identity that is not just appealing, but authentic, widely supported, and long-lasting.

From campaigns to place making

The brand identity is the nucleus of the marketing strategy, the creative concept and the campaign. In the campaign, we utilise tools that match perfectly with the brand. And we take a broad approach, harnessing tools that range far beyond the standard online and offline communication channels. From social media to a PR campaign, and from events to placemaking. From pop-up city park to free publicity campaign, and from original route app to urban roof festival; all of these elements harmonise to create a vibrant, energised city: a place people want to be. We’re looking forward to using them, and helping you to turn your place into a magnet.

Brand ambassadors

Throughout place branding campaigns, we work intensively with all the stakeholders in the area. This means that, in addition to the brand, we help to build a community of people inspired by the brand: passionate ‘brand ambassadors’ who can fuel the brand’s exposure.