Brand Urbanism

By bringing together cities and brands, we promote sustainable urban development in an innovative way.

Brand urbanism is a partnership between a city and a brand in which the brand (partly) launches or funds a project in exchange for visibility. Brands finance brand urbanism projects from their marketing budget, often substituting them for other forms of advertising.


Why opt for brand urbanism?

A growing number of commercial brands are investing in the city, outside of their usual revenue model. They see the city as a way of engaging with their target group, where brand urbanism doesn’t simply provide exposure, but also makes a meaningful contribution to the city. This way, it also creates opportunities for us to (continue to) realise the ambitions we have for our cities. Brand urbanism is a proven strategy in various, primarily Anglo Saxon, countries and one in which companies heavily invest. Brands have been known to invest 50 million euro in certain projects. But it’s always important to ensure that there is a logical connection between the brand and the city/project. In other words, the project could be linked with the company’s core business or perhaps its historical roots.

We help local governments and businesses to implement these kinds of projects. As yet, brand urbanism hasn’t gained much footing in the Netherlands, and has been confined to pilots and exploratory projects.

But it’s a highly relevant theme. In November 2016, Rinske gave a talk at TedX Rotterdam to invite brands to reconsider how they allocate their marketing budgets.

TEDx Talks: Creating the Rotterdam of Tomorrow by Rinske Brand at TEDxRotterdam.


Want to know more? Our white paper on brand urbanism is available for downloading in the sidebar.