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Rinske Brand

Let’s make our cities better and brighter. Starting today!


At Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I concentrated on Art and Culture Studies complemented by a variety of marketing courses. I was fascinated by what spurs people to take action, and how I could activate them. After working in the cultural sector for several years, my entrepreneurial adventure began in 2007 when I launched BRAND communication. My aim was to help people and organisations at the heart of communities to build strong identities. Many social and cultural institutions repositioned themselves with our guidance, and we designed and implemented countless campaigns for national and international festivals and cultural events.

In 2016, BRAND repositioned itself as ‘The Urban Agency’: dedicated to helping cities become healthier and more inclusive. An objective that is achieved by working closely with locals, entrepreneurs, property developers, and the private and public sectors. Today, my areas of expertise are placemaking, placetesting and brand urbanism.

And BRAND  has set the bar even higher with a loftier ambition: to make the lives of 28 million urbanites better and brighter. After all, cities are all about people and their well-being.

As a board member of the Dutch Startup Association, I help innovative companies, startups and scale-ups to excel. In the near future, forward-thinking companies such as these will lead many of society’s much-needed transformations.

I also write. As a columnist and guest editor for gebiedsontwikkeling.nu and as a reporter for Hoogtelijn, the magazine of the Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association. Because mountains, not just cities, are one of my biggest passions. Perhaps it won’t come as a surprise to discover that I don’t shy away from challenges. Neither on a business nor a personal level.

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