Our inventive activations and immersive campaigns engage with the target group.

The idea, the place, the event or the project is there. But now, how do you bring it to everyone’s attention, and make sure people are queuing up for tickets or registering in overwhelming numbers? This is our area of expertise. We excel at knowing how to create the right impact, and activate people’s engagement with your brand, place or initiative. Whether you call it promotion, publicity, marketing communication, free publicity or influencer marketing, the goal is always the same: to generate maximum (positive) attention. What ‘campaigning’ really means, is creating change. In other words, moving people towards an idea or, more tangibly: towards a website or cash till.


We developed an extensive free publicity campaign to put Rotterdamse Dakendagen on the map. 


We have a wide spectrum of resources at our fingertips to create the attention you need. And we take a broad approach, and utilise means that range far beyond the usual online and offline communication channels. From social media to PR campaigns and from events to placemaking. But it takes more than a vast amount of resources to create a successful campaign. It’s about how you use those resources – putting them to work synergistically in a powerful campaign that delivers maximum impact.

By investing in knowing your audiences, monitoring the efficacy of your channels and, as the campaign progresses, (daring to) change tactics, you vastly increase the chance of your event being a success. And that’s what our strategy is all about.

What’s our approach?

Every successful journey needs a clear roadmap. What is your aim? How do you define the campaign’s success? An effective strategy is at the core of all our projects, and is tailored to the meet the specifications of each and every project. The result is visualised on an A3. This Urban Canvas provides a clear, at-a-glance overview of the strategy we envisage. Every campaign requires the following vital ingredients:

  • Know your audience
    When you know where your audience is from, how they spend their leisure time, their hobbies and passions, you can reach out to them in a very targeted fashion. How do we learn about them? By asking! We engage with them on social media, in an online survey, through a focus group or on the street; the possibilities are endless
  • Knowing which resources work best (and this saves you money!)
    It may sound like common sense, but we come across companies that use a standard mix of resources. Taking a scatter-gun approach in the hope that they’ll reach as many people as possible. However, once you have identified your target groups and understand their behaviour, it saves both time and effort.
  • Retain your audience’s attention
    Our aim is to activate people to engage with your brand or project positively, and remain engaged over the long term. We don’t believe in so-called one-offs. Exposure tends to peak, followed by a rapid decline, and the brand fades from people’s hearts and minds. This is why we design our campaigns around multiple peaks, to retain people’s attention longer.
  • Never stop learning and improving
    Our campaigns are not written in stone. We constantly monitor their effects, and adapt the means that we use wherever that’s needed. That way, the campaign continues to achieve maximum results.