This is how we build campaigns

You have a brand, place or project, and you want the world to know. The world has to know. But how do you reach your target audiences? How do you get them engaged? We know how. Our campaigns are always compelling, and always just that little bit different. But most of all: there is always a carefully chosen brand strategy.


We developed an extensive free publicity campaign to put Rotterdamse Dakendagen on the map. 


Start with a roadmap
From social media campaigns to free publicity, from events to placemaking: we have plenty of resources at our fingertips to deliver impact. Every successful journey needs a clear roadmap. What is your aim? How do you define a campaign’s success? An effective strategy is at the core of all our projects, and is tailored to meet the specifications of each and every project. The result is an Urban Canvas, to give you a clear, at-a-glance overview of the route we are going to take.

What’s next?
Our clients can choose between two kinds of support. Temporarily, by developing campaigns and events for you, by giving strategic advice and training. Or long-term, by maintaining your social media channels and various online communities, on your behalf.

Developing Campaigns. Here is how we do it:

We interact with the target group.
When you have identified your target audience and their preferences, you know exactly how to connect with them. So how do we find out? By asking! We engage with them on social media, in an online survey, on the street, through prototypes and testing—the possibilities are endless.

We make smart choices
Knowing which resources work best saves money. It may sound like common sense, yet we often see companies using a standard mix of resources, taking a scatter-gun approach. At BRAND we do things differently, and constantly refine our goals.

We combine online and offline
Building audience engagement happens largely online. But it is essential to connect with your target groups in real life. You need to get all stakeholders on board, particularly if your project involves large-scale development or the positioning of a building.

We develop a powerful content strategy
You want an engaged community of fans and ambassadors. With a good content strategy, you can build a lasting connection with different target groups. Designing a smart content strategy, however, is more complex than it seems. Each channel requires its own approach and tailored content. But the right strategy, that focuses on image and authenticity, delivers a strong return on investment.

We look at free publicity opportunities
Generating free publicity takes time and you cannot gauge the effects right away. But editorial coverage delivers far more impact than advertising. PR sows seeds—although you may see few results in the short term, it grows lasting, deep-rooted brand awareness.

We keep long-term audience engagement
We want to activate people, and create long-term audience engagement. We do not believe in short peaks, but in long-term commitment. This is why we design our campaigns around multiple peaks, that hold attention for a longer period of time.

We build awareness together with the fans
The success of every brand or product depends on a loyal fanbase. A strong brand grows from within. Paid advertising cannot generate the kind of impact passionate advocates can deliver. We build a solid support base with our clients. The key word is together.

We use (urban) influencers
Influencer marketing is an effective way to reach target groups. Urban influencers can also bring enormous leverage to area development projects. They are advocates who can put an area or building on the map singlehandedly. BRAND knows how to connect with, and mobilise influencers.

We continue to learn and improve continuously
Our campaigns are not cast in concrete. Through continuous monitoring, we can adjust the deployment of resources where necessary. This guarantees that we get the most out of a campaign: we connect effectively with all your target audiences, and deliver maximum impact for your brand, place or project.