Strategy & Concept

Based on our own ‘brand GPS’ we develop a tailored result-focused strategy or concept.

Every strategy is custom-made. To make the strategy easy to develop and execute, we developed an inspiring trajectory to determine the project’s strategy. We create an Urban Canvas that, on A3 scale, presents a clear visualisation of the strategy, plus a campaign plan for the easy implementation of the strategy. The next step consists of developing the campaign concept and/or creative concept.


Strategy & Concept

We developed the concept for the Rotterdam Routes app, which helps you discover all sides of the city.


Why develop a strategy?

Whether you want to promote a region, activate a brand or position an organisation more effectively, having a powerful – and, most importantly, clear – strategy as your base guarantees greater efficiency and a better result. This is why we begin all of our trajectories by developing a strategy – one that’s straightforward and understandable to everyone who will use it. We then present the strategy on a custom-made Urban Canvas that ties in with the project and the client.

The strategy is composed of two components. The first determine the direction and positioning. The separate elements, outlined below, play a vital role:

  • Ambitions: the dot on the horizon – what are the ambitions?
  • Positioning: the values of brand, region or organisation, and identifying the distinguishing features.
  • Target groups: a description of ‘personas’, key individuals that reflect the target group.
  • Objectives: the ambitions help to define measurable objectives.

The second component involves drawing up a campaign plan outlining how we’ll achieve the objectives: which tools should we use? Which media, means or activities? A social campaign with influencers, an event, a PR campaign, advertising, or perhaps a mixture of them all.

After establishing the strategy, we begin to develop a campaign concept or a creative concept. A campaign concept relates to the ultimate ‘idea’: what message will we use, and how will we reach out to audiences? If applicable, we also provide you with an idea of how this could be communicated graphically. The creative concept is more about designing a visual brand identity, perhaps in conjunction with the development of a name.

What’s our approach?

To develop an effective, well-informed strategy, we meet with stakeholders and the target groups to gain a clear picture of the situation and needs. In one or more inspiration sessions with our client and stakeholders, we pinpoint the ultimate ambition, describe the target groups, objectives and what the brand or organisation stands for. The next step is capturing this on the Urban Canvas, and developing a campaign plan. A creative director will develop a campaign concept and/or creative concept, based on a detailed briefing. The following step involves presenting the concept to the target group and tightening it up if needed. We then get to work with implementing the PR or social media campaign or organising an event.

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