We don’t know how these weeks feel to you, but to us it seems like all days are intertwined. With the long Easter weekend just around the corner, we’ve gathered up our current favourite podcasts.


Claudia | There goes the Neighborhood
“Sitting on my balcony in Amsterdam North, more precisely on a balcony overlooking the IJ and the popular NDSM shipyard, and listening to the podcast ’There goes the Neighborhood’. I’m happy to be one of the first residents in this specific area of Amsterdam, but how do the people of Tuindorp Oostzaan feel about this uprise in their neighborhood? I don’t know, but very much curious. This podcast created by WNYCStudios addresses gentrification in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Both cityplanners and actual residents share their view.”


Rinske | How to Fail with Elizabeth Day
“I consider myself to be a podcast junkie. There’s always something on my earphones, walking, cycling, brushing my teeth, or running, like now. My latest discovery is Elizabeth Day’s ‘How to Fail’. It celebrates the things that haven’t gone right. It’s wonderfully British and especially her interviews with women are a real treat.”


Pascalle | My perfect city
“I absolutely hate doing the washing up, but distracting my mind by listening to stories really almost makes me look forward to doing this chore. Lately I’ve been daydreaming away while thinking of ‘My perfect city’. What would it have? In this podcast series the BBC travels around cities throughout the world to highlight one aspect that would fit in an ideal city. Starting with: the green facilities of San Francisco.”

Pascalle BRAND podcasts


Gwenda | We zijn het eens (met elkaar, en zeker met Rob Wijnberg)
“My daily walk features making a call, contemplating – or listening to an interesting podcast of course. In this time lots of podcasts I like suddenly seem not that relevant anymore. Although, this one still is. It’s about ‘Freud’s narcissism of small differences.’ Besides that, journalists (like to) give us the idea lots of people have extreme opposite opinions.”

Gwenda BRAND podcasts


Annemiek | After Hours
“While I’m working, the sounds of great songs inspire, soothen and energize me. My tip for you all is the new album of The Weeknd which was launched only a few weeks ago.”


Anke | Sleepcasts by Headspace
“I find myself listening to the sleepcasts by Headspace more often lately. They are like little bedtime stories for grownups and they help me quiet my mind before going to sleep. It’s a versatile app, with numerous meditation to help you focus or relax.”


Isabel | The Secret Lives of Cities
“While I stare at the garden and listen to background songs of bird celebrating spring and looking for a partner, I let myself wonder about the question posed by urban sociologist Fran Tonkiss and physicist Laurie Winkless. What role can science and technology play in the cities of tomorrow?.
The corona crisis has become a tipping point for our society’s digitalisation. Now more than ever, we face the challenge to manage different temporalities, behaviors and technologies in the same space: the city.”

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