Looking for a good reading tip? We’ll give you a glimpse into our own bookcase. With 8 books that we  are currently reading and why. Who knows, the books might inspire you too.

Claudia | Concept thinking
‘As communication professionals, conceptual thinking has become an indispensable skill. This book provides twenty Dutch cases on concept thinking and concept development in an accessible, inspiring and activating way!’

Concept denken – Gaby Crucq-Toffolo ; Sanne Knitel
Claudia booktip - BRAND The Urban Agency

Isabel | In the City
‘What makes a city great? This question keeps me up at night. Joel Kotkin proves by traveling through history how successful cities were the ones that assured security, opportunity and sacredness (cohesion). Also, he makes me think critically on challenges faced by cities right now. Therefore, a must read.’

The city – Joel Kotkin
Isabel booktip - BRAND The Urban Agency

Pascalle | Happy City
‘Staying at home all the time is difficult. Luckily, ‘Happy City’ provides some distraction by taking you on a journey through various cities and their urban projects across the globe. And don’t worry: all while staying isolated on your own couch.’

Happy City – Charles Montgomery
Pascalle booktip - BRAND The Urban Agency

Annemiek | The book without words

‘ ✨ ‘

Het zonder woorden-boek – Lilian Stolk
Annemiek booktip - BRAND The Urban Agency

Gwenda  | City on Fire
‘City on Fire. The only reason I bought this book is, off course, the name. Actually it’s a gift for our Rinske, because the book has her last name and it’s all about one of her favourite cities NYC. Hopefully soon, I’ll find some time to read those 1000+ pages. After that the book is all yours Rinske.’

Stad in Brand – Garth Risk Hallberg
Gwenda booktip - BRAND The Urban Agency

Thomas | The power of habit
‘How does daily structure translate to our current situation. Can we use this time to break old habits and start fresh? Is there a healthy work life balance at home? These questions let me to the book habits from Charles Duhigg. He explains that radical changes are a great time to build new habits, and teaches you how to sustain them!’

The power of habit – Charles Duhigg
Thomas booktip - BRAND The Urban Agency

Rinske Brand | Gamestorming
‘At BRAND we are always looking for new ways to develop strategies and concepts. Gamestorming is a super practical handbook and contains dozens of ready-to-use games for ‘innovators and change makers’. In times of corona extremely useful :)’

Gamestorming – Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo
Rinske booktip - BRAND The Urban Agency

Anke | Super Social
‘Still finding ways to be Super Social during this intelligent lockdown 😉 This book helps me to catch up on strategies, cases and practical tips for the business use of social media, without spending extra time behind my screen. Win win.’

Super social – Elja Daae
Anke booktip - BRAND The Urban Agency

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