TJ Maguire from Halifax, Canada

How would you describe its inhabitants?

Haligonian’s are very friendly, relaxed and social creatures. Their native habitat is the east coast kitchen party.

Why do you love your city?

Nobody cares how much money you have
If you’ve got enough to get in a cab
There’ll be drinks on the house if your house burns down
There’s a reason that I love this town

Joel Plaskett – Love This Town (lyrics by famous Halifax musician)

What’s the best place in your city and why?

The Halifax Central Library was shaped by the citizens of Halifax through an intensive public engagement process. It is a true social place, with incredible views of the city.

What’s the biggest challenge your city is facing?

Halifax is one of Canada’s oldest cities, and is going through a construction boom with new buildings and people looking to live Downtown again. How do we celebrate our historic identity, while creating new opportunities?

Should we open a flexible office in your city? And if so, who would we be working for?

Our many universities foster a thriving community of young passionate people with great ideas. Your first client could be from Fusion Halifax, Volta Labs, the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), or one of the emerging ideas from the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED).