Rosa Danenberg from Stockholm, Sweden

How would you describe its inhabitants?

Stockholm’ers enjoy a funny contrast between traditional values and extremely trend-following. New design and lifestyles mixed with nostalgia of the Swedisch countryside values.

Why do you love your city?

Stockholm offers the perfect deal: urban + nature. Just imagine enjoying urban summers in beautiful hilly parks or around the many lakes and frosty winters on the ice, in the forest (and…indoors).

What’s the best place in your city and why?

Each season leaves a strong mark on the city’s best place. Adapted to both: Underbron (“under the bridge”) nightclub changes with the seasons into the open-air bar Trädgården (“the garden”) with second-hand marktets and concerts.

What’s the biggest challenge your city is facing?

Besides it being the fastest growing city in Europe, Stockholm is also the most segregated. With a not so long urban planning history, its ambitious sustainability goals, a serious housing crisis and the current immense influx of refugees, the need for an inclusive, happy and livable city forms an enormous challenge.

Should we open a flexible office in your city? And if so, who would we be working for?

Start-ups like Skype, world-known brands like IKEA, fashion brands like H&M… all Swedish! For Brand urbanism, Stockholm is the place. Wouldn’t Spotify be interested in bringing their music out to the public spaces?