Riikka Lahdensuo from Helsinki, Finland

Describe your city in 5 sound bites

I would describe Helsinki as: The good life. Plenty of space for both individual originality and communal actions. Perfect size to start a movement. Urban vibe and quiet nature spots intertwined. Well-being (in various ways).

How would you describe its inhabitants? 

Many Helsinkians are passionate about making an impact on future well-being, both at home and globally.

Why do you love your city? 

Helsinki energises me in every season of the year – when we go out with the family biking into forest-like Central Park, ice-skating to the school yard nearby or buying berries at the Hakaniemi marketplace.

What’s the best place in your city and why?

Kaapeli is the former Cable Factory, in which first underwater telephone cables and later on Nokia electronics were produced. It now encompasses five hectares of culture and offers a view over the sea almost to Tallinn!

What’s the biggest challenge your city is facing?

Keeping the sense of community and pride in the original neighbourhoods. We need to further build up equal opportunities for everyone, while keeping young people involved.

Why should BRAND open a flexible office in your city and who would be our first client?

The Helsinkians have always been good at making things happen, but not that active in making noise about it. In Helsinki, famous of “people, actions and encounters, which make an impact” there are plenty of opportunities for BRAND!