Ricardo Villagomez from Mexico City, Mexico

Describe your city in 5 soundbites

Mexico City is a huge, crowded and vibrant place. It is full of contrast: you can find either a top world-known restaurant in a fancy neighborhood, or an endless self-built slum just 30-45 minutes away in the periphery.

How would you describe its inhabitants? 

Fun, eager to help and generally polite, although you can always bump into a hysterical bus or taxi driver. 

Why do you love your city?

Options for everything are limitless. It is the business and economical center of the country. You would never get bored in Mexico City.

What’s the best place in your city and why?

The most interesting and representative place of the last couple of years is Vasconcelos Library by Alberto Kalach. It really feels like a space you have never experienced before.

What’s the biggest challenge your city is facing?

With almost 21 million people, Mexico City is the 4th most populated city on earth. Although it is foreseen that by 2030 Mexico City will be on 10th place, population is the most pressing issue. A megacity can collapse in multiple ways. Today we are facing big issues such as lack of public space, and regarding services such as public transportation, water and energy, to mention just a few. Migration towards new technologies and a change of mindset towards sustainability are fundamental for the city’s survival.

Why should BRAND open a flexible office in your city and who would be our first client?

Countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany are way ahead in implementing new strategies for their urban issues. I’m sure that Mexico City has a lot of opportunities to develop urban and social projects that can help solve some of today’s issues.