Branka Novcic Korac from Belgrade, Serbia

Describe your city in 5 sound bites

Belgrade is…

… a city of contrasts (east & west, old & new, traditional & modern, folk & urban, etc.);

… a confluence of rivers, styles and cultures;

… one of Europe’s nightlife hidden gems;

… not left nor right not straight. Belgrade is both left and right and straight;

… a city in which ideas meet and reemerge in an original way over and over again.

As poet Duško Radović wrote: “Who was fortunate enough to wake up this morning in Belgrade, might think for today he has achieved enough in his life“.

How would you describe its inhabitants? 

Proud, in constant pursuit for new and original solutions, living out, daily socialising with friends and family, open-hearted and welcoming.

Why do you love your city? 

In Belgrade people are truly enjoying life to the fullest, living on the streets, rivers Sava and Danube, coffee places and hip eateries. As the night falls, music fills the air – nightlife is one of the best in Europe and still a well-kept secret of ours.

What’s the best place in your city and why?

One of the oldest parts of Belgrade, overlooking the rivers Sava and Danube is Kosancicev Venac. It is in the very heart of the city, but it gives you a chance to privately enjoy Belgrade. Kosancicev has a special energy: keeping the spirit of past times whilst opening its doors for numerous concept stores, boutiques, galleries, restaurants and coffee shops.

What’s the biggest challenge your city is facing? 

The city’s biggest challenge is improving international recognition and its market position. For the most of Europeans, Belgrade is not on the “wish list”, but if they decide to come they are positively surprised with what Belgrade has to offer. Therefore, we should think how to capitalise on the fact that Belgrade is still one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

Should we open a flexible office in your city? And if so, who would we be working for? 

Belgrade is always searching for new ideas, well accepting new people and approaches. So it would be great to bring a fresh point of view and provide external perception. BRAND, welcome to Belgrade!