Anna Swagerman from Berlin, Germany

How would you describe Berlin’s inhabitants?

Of course there are various bubbles, but many young people share a certain innovativity. From experimenting with alternative ways of living, to launching ideas in the start-up scene.

Why do you love your city?

Berlin has an intriguing intangibility. It’s easy to connect to its inhabitants, since many are from all over the world, but to find your structure in the city is a challenge. If you remain conscious about this, it’s lovely to alternate between connecting and floating.

What’s the best place in your city and why?

The fifth floor of the building at Ecke Schönhauser. At height you can observe the bustling spaces and decide to dive into it whenever you feel like. This view inspired many movie directors to shot scenes here.

What’s the biggest challenge your city is facing?

It would be great if Berlin manages to remain all it’s diverse layers, and represent its people. The way the colorful mix of inhabitants likes to make use of the city’s spaces, should be defining for urban development. Not the flow of the money.

Should we open a flexible office in your city? And if so, who would we be working for?

Berlin is a city which encourages experiments and new ideas. The perfect climate to try out new business projects. You can be your own client by coming up with innovative ideas to use Berlin’s abundance of space.