Getting Dutch politicians ready for take-off

In what way do you engage Dutch politicians to discover the incredible value of the aerospace industry?

The challenge

“Every day, we’re connected with over 40 satellites through our smartphones.” Without the aerospace industry, our world would look very different: there’d be no GPS, no mobile network, and fewer insights into things like environmental pollution. To make Dutch politicians more aware of this, and demonstrate the legion of other benefits Dutch space technologies can bring to society, we developed the concept ‘Space Continuum’. An event concept to bring together key stakeholders in the governmental and Dutch aerospace sectors.

Our approach

The best way to reach the hearts and minds of members of the Lower House is through impact, and we believe that impact can best be created through face-to-face encounters and storytelling.

Against the backdrop of the European Space Solutions Conference, we brought MPs into direct contact with the Dutch companies and organisations that are shaping today’s Dutch space industry. After the plenary launch, which, among other things, featured a film – also produced by BRAND – about the Netherlands’ aerospace branch, it was time for the dinner debate. Parliamentarians, representatives of aerospace organisations and knowledge institutes, and users of space data discussed numerous topics relating to space technologies.


The evening was a huge success, fuelling policy makers’ enthusiasm for the potentials of space solutions. Various tastemakers from the Dutch aerospace industry, including Arnaud de Jong, chairman of SpaceNed and, of course, the most celebrated Dutch astronaut, André Kuipers, shared their insights and knowledge. ‘Visual minutes’ and a video impression captured the mood and results of the debate.