Smart Cities Conference

Is it possible to come up with a good business case in one day and use it as pilot?

The challenge

Could we create and implement a one-day programme devoted to open data and their value in tackling current social issues. This is the challenge that Digital Cities Agenda (DSA) brought to the BRAND team. DSA dedicated itself between 2013 and 2017 to collaborating on innovative, digital solutions for a liveable society. In 2014, they organised the Open Data Relay Smart Cities, together with the ministries of Infrastructure and the Environment, Economic Affairs, and Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, ECP, Platform for Information Society and the municipality of The Hague.

Our approach

Can a solid business case on topical social issues, including a pilot project, be devised in just one day? Rather than organising a standard day programme where the organisation does all the talking while the audience listens, we wanted all stakeholders to actively participate.

Our strategy was to bring together business owners, policy makers, researchers and officials to collaborate on an assignment: develop high-potential business models utilising data to tackle social issues. For instance, to look at how open data can be used to organise care for the elderly, make beaches safer and more accessible, or improve air quality. The Ministry of Economic Affairs offered two cash prizes so the best ideas could immediately be turned into pilot projects.

The outcome

In addition to a sold-out venue and a trending topic on social media, the key result was the buzz created around the event. The new programming style was a hit with participants, speakers and organisers. Experimenting with business cases will be incorporated into future Relays.