Immerse yourself in the possibilities of technology with Bright Park

How to spark an interest in the technological innovations needed to make our way of life more durable and resilient?    

The challenge

Not so long ago, we thought nothing of travelling everywhere by car, leaving the tap running, or sitting outdoors on a winter afternoon in the warmth of our patio heater. Now, we know better. Our climate is changing, and we’ve all become far more aware of the impact our lifestyle has on our environment. We are trying, in ways big and small, to do something about it. What we’re less aware of, however, is the abundance of high-tech solutions that, on a small scale, can affect the climate for the better! These bright ideas can be enormously valuable, especially now, when we’re faced with ongoing rapid urbanisation. But far too often, these technologies tend to be overlooked.

The challenge: how can we raise awareness of the wealth of possibilities that today’s technology offers? How can we share the latest innovations with the public at large? And how can we inspire city residents to make use of the high-tech applications?

The approach

Like most things that are new and unfamiliar: you have to see them! We need to find a way to let a broad spectrum of people see and experience the latest game-changing applications for themselves. That’s why we teamed up with BLOC to develop the Bright Park concept: the most circular, sustainable and smartest park on the planet. The park introduces a city’s residents to the newest revolutionary innovations that we can use to make our lives more sustainable – and all in the familiar surroundings of a city park. But we also realised that the park presented a fantastic opportunity for co-creation: Bright Park unites young innovators and pioneering bodies in the private sector, providing them with a platform to present their products to a wide-ranging public.

The result

Bright Park is designed to boost people’s awareness of our changing world, and demonstrate how technology can support more sustainable lifestyles. By creating a park that’s enjoyable and appealing as well as technological, we trigger the general public’s curiosity about technology, and help to turn bright ideas into real-world applications. But what do you actually see? A water-producing fountain, a pavilion made of sea salt, a CO2-absorbing pond, solar cycle lanes, an ecological escape room and a water-purifying swimming pool! Designed as a fun day out and an exciting way to discover the latest technological breakthroughs interactively, Bright Park is a fantastic project that will spark kids’ and young people’s interest in technology.

We’re working hard to turn the Bright Park concept into a reality. Watch this space for the latest news!

For further details, see the BLOC website.

Image: © Living Light by Ermi van Oers.