How do you give a new, very diverse urban area a recognizable profile?

How do you give a new, very diverse urban area a recognizable profile?

The challenge

BRAND was asked to develop a branding strategy for this dynamic, multi-faceted area. One that complements the historical inner city. A place brand to appeal to new (young) urban communities.

Our approach

Together with the municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch, we defined the parameters. What are we aiming to achieve, what is our dream, and what do we need to make this dream reality? Next, we talked with key stakeholders in the area. We organised a ‘place branding session’ for business owners, residents, companies and organisations, challenging them to brainstorm about the (communication) strengths of the area. We then tested the outcome by holding a street poll among a broader target group. This gave us deeper insights into the opportunities the area has to offer, and also encouraged commitment and engagement with the Spoorzone. This laid the foundations for an open community.

The outcome

The local people have a clear opinion. Capturing the region’s identity in a single brand is simply impossible. The area is shaped by the distinct identities of its various communities. These features needed to be showcased, yet connected by an over-arching concept. Together, we translated this connection into three core values at the heart of our branding strategy, which were then visualised in a new graphic identity. The comma is a nod to the city’s well-known logo.