Brand urbanism

Win-win partnerships between brand and cities

A growing number of companies around the world are looking beyond their usual revenue model, and are starting to invest in the city. Brands see the city as a way to connect with their target group. It’s a strategy we can use (to continue) to achieve our ambitions to enhance our cities. Brand urbanism is a proven approach in many, mostly Anglo-Saxon, countries. Brands are prepared to pour money into promising projects – sometimes investing as much as 50 million euro.

Brand urbanism is collaboration between a city and a brand in which the brand (partly) launches or funds a project in exchange for visibility. Brands finance brand urbanism projects from their marketing budget, often substituting them for other forms of advertising.

We help local governments and brands to realise projects of this kind. As of yet, brand urbanism hasn’t really taken off in The Netherlands, but there is a number of pilot projects and experiments investigating the concept.

In November 2016, Rinske gave a talk at TEDx Rotterdam calling brands to take action, and reconsider how they invest their marketing budgets.

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TEDx Talks: Creating the Rotterdam of Tomorrow | Rinske Brand | TEDxRotterdam

Curious about Brand urbanism?

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