We all create the city. Exactly for this reason we gathered dreams for the urban transformation of Amsterdamse Poort, the centre of Amsterdam South-East, together with artist Munir de Vries. In exchange for their ideas and as a way to thank them, Munir teaches the art of graffiti to inhabitants of any age.

This project is part of our approach to redevelop an area on the brink of a huge urban transformation: from being a mere shopping center to becoming a buzzing heart of Amsterdam South-East. We will do this together with proprietor CBRE GI, manager CBRE, developer 3W and the municipality of Amsterdam. But also local entrepreneurs, inhabitants, children, young adults and creative minds help us in making this achievable. Our goal? To bring back the passion of ‘de Poort’ and recreate it into a place that once again belongs to all of us.

Read more about placemaking, placetesting and co-creatie here.

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