In 2028 we aim to have made the lives of 28 million urbanites better and brighter.


Why this ambition?

First of all, because we have a huge passion for cities, and because we see that cities are facing more and more challenges. Second of all, because the projects that make a difference and contribute to a better city, a brighter world and happier people – those are the ones that are giving us the most energy.

How are we making this ambition a reality?

By working on projects that make our cities enjoyable, accessible, healthy and livable – and that keep them that way. As a marketing agency with the city at its heart we dedicate ourselves to this goal every day, together with our partners and clients. A stronger and safer bike culture in Rotterdam with Fietsfan010 or a future-proof Gouda and proud residents for Gouda 750. Additionally, we initiate our own projects – by ourselves, or with partners, such as the Bright Park project with BLOC.

Will you help us?

We need you to make this monster ambition a reality! Do you know of an initiative or project – in The Netherlands or abroad – that makes a positive contribution to urban life and that can use a little bit of extra (marketing) power?


Let us know!

And help us make a jump start to achieve our goal of
28 million happy urbanites in 2028.


Many thanks,
Rinske & Gwenda

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Gwenda | | (+31) 6 42 15 43 90

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