In the next few years, Amsterdamse Poort will change from shopping centre to being the vibrant centre of South-East, the frontrunner of Amsterdam. In cooperation with owner CBRE GI, administrator CBRE, developer 3W and the municipality of Amsterdam – but most prominently with local entrepreneurs, residents, children, youth and creative minds, we are finding creative ways to help facilitate this transformation. All to make sure the centre will keep the identity that is unique to Amsterdam South-East: authentic, hospitable, energetic and surprising. This new mural in Amsterdamse Poort forms one of the first visible steps we’re taking.

Since the beginning of April, a massive mural decorates the facade of New Metropolis, the dependance of urban venue Pakhuis de Zwijger situated right in the heart of Amsterdamse Poort. In his work, artist Munir de Vries integrated the dreams of dozens of residents. In honour of its launch, we asked poet Sydney Lowell to recite her poem, inspired by growth, the theme of its mural. Her message: “No growth without change.”

(Video in Dutch)


Leaving dreams behind in the studio

Between December 2019 and March 2020, we invited children, youth and adults to participate in a graffiti workshop led by Munir, taking place in a specially organised studio in Amsterdamse Poort. They created their own artworks about their dreams for the area’s future. The conversations held in the studio knew one common theme: growth. Many participants of the workshop shared how they feel strongly about making sure the younger generations get the opportunities they had not always been able to get themselves. This formed the base of Munir’s artwork, in which he incorporated different ways to grow.

De muurschildering is mede mogelijk gemaakt door alle betrokken bewoners van Zuidoost, Annemarie Tiebosch, Mahmoud Mohamed, Gemeente Amsterdam, CBRE Global Investors, Pakhuis de Zwijger en CBRE. 

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