When it was built, Schalkwijk shopping centre was an icon of modern design. Today, after five decades of faithful service, it’s ready for a makeover. In a redevelopment spanning several years, the shopping centre will be re-envisaged as a thriving, multifunctional centre: transformed from shopping centre to a real city centre. Thanks to an engaging placemaking strategy over the last few years, the centre’s become an attention-grabber. And there’s more to come. We seized the opportunity to get to work in this upcoming Haarlem community and develop a new marketing and communication strategy!

Centrum Schalkwijk is poised to undergo a dramatic metamorphosis: the existing building will be redeveloped and enlarged, the range of amenities expanded and enriched, and the public space redesigned. In 2015, Centrum Schalkwijk launched the centre’s transformation process with Placemaking Plus, making Schalkwijk a placemaking pioneer! Every stakeholder, from visitors and residents, business and owners, had a say in the plans. The initiative kicked off several years ago, with Centrum Schalkwijk joining forces with Placemaking Plus, Haarlem Municipality and youth organisation Triple Threat to create DAK and onderDAK: a meeting place for Schalkwijk locals. This place-led development, with input from all participants, grabbed the attention of placemakers throughout the world.

It’s an approach that BRAND fully endorses. In the same spirit, we organised a co-creation session to devise a marketing strategy. Some 50 visitors, representatives from the private sector and business owners, shared their ideas. It was a fantastic brainstorming session packed with ideas. The photos capture the energy of the evening. We’re using all of the input to shape our proposal.

To be continued!


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