Anke van de Vliet

Of course, it’s fantastic to make the front page, but it’s not always the best way to reach your target group and make real impact. Now, social media provides unprecedented opportunities for free publicity, and you have to capitalise on that potential. Provide tools to businesses and institutions working to promote sustainability and innovation. And use ‘meaningful PR” to help them achieve their aims – that’s what I believe in. In a world where the sky’s the limit, I’m happy keeping both feet on the ground. I brought over 7.5 years’ experience as a PR and (online) communications sector in the IT sector to BRAND.

Anke in soundbites

Reality checker
Enjoys the little things

Anke’s rechargers

Spending the evening with friends at the kitchen table. Music. CrossFit. Cat videos. Tech off/nature on

Anke’s Rotterdam

The water: Sailing across the Rotte, cycling along the Maas and enjoying views of the city from the Kralingse Plas. The Oude Noorden: on the terrace at Faas or De Bel, the boutiques on the Zwaanshals and the Zwart Jan. And the three C’s: culinary, creative & cultural Rotterdam.