Cities are our future and our biggest challenge

Our cities are our future, but also our biggest challenge

We believe our cities are our future. But how can we ensure that our cities are safe, accessible and resilient, now and in the future?

That’s why we work on projects that make cities more sustainable, smarter, innovative and vibrant. We know better than anyone how to create real impact in the city, and engage with urbanites.

And that’s why we see the world – and not just the Netherlands – as our playground. By 2028, we aim to have made the lives of 28 million urbanites better and brighter.

What we do

In short: whatever it takes to create and sustain meaningful, lasting impact. Such as advice on developing (brand) strategies, and building cohesive identities for places and regions through place branding and place making. We regularly build online and offline communities, but we organise events, too. And prefer to carry out the campaigns we develop ourselves, from creative concept to guerrilla campaigns, social media and PR.