Free Publicity & PR

With a smart ‘hook’, a fresh angle and the right media approach, we make your story newsworthy.

PR can be an important ingredient in creating exposure for your city, company or product, or improving its image. But how do you reach the media, and the right audience? And what’s the right message? These are all aspects of the PR strategy that we develop and implement together with our clients. The most effective plan hinges on a blend of traditional and modern PR tools. Such as press releases, product reviews, interviews, events, a press lobby, as well as news jacking and using social media and influencers.


Free publicity & PRFor IABR 2014 we started intensive collaborations with a number of media partners, as well as organisations involved in the biennale. 


We help local governments, organisations and brands to develop and implement the right PR strategy. Together, we analyse the campaign objectives and decide whether or not they are the right goals. Then, we brainstorm ways of achieving those aims, and the (social) media strategy that’s best for the job. The right media, the right message, for the right audience, with the right timing. That’s how we make your story newsworthy.

Why use free publicity & PR?

PR resources are used over a prolonged period to raise awareness of your product or brand. Newspaper coverage has greater impact than an advertisement, and an article in a paper, magazine or online helps you achieve your goals. Is it measurable? Not always straight away – and this also depends on the message and objective. A well-written article in the right place helps you to sell more tickets for your event, attract more people to an opening, encourages new clients to phone more often, or increases sales of a particular product. But PR also often has a ‘seeding’ effect. It provides greater exposure over the long-term, which doesn’t always yield immediate results.

What’s our approach?

We always create a customized strategy designed to achieve realistic goals. When it comes to PR, the sky’s the limit, and BRAND is an agency with a creative team: we can literally do it all! But that’s not always productive or necessary. We define the PR objectives and strategy together with the client, taking account of the allotted budget. Once the message has been clearly defined, and we know the goals to be achieved, we devise a concrete strategy, and present it to you for approval. Do we decide on a press release, an interview, a press conference or a whacky public happening? Or…