With an array of dynamic events, we inspire people to visit (new) places.

As a marketer, you tell stories. About brands, places, new initiatives. And the most powerful way to bring a story to life is by sharing it face to face. Whether in the form of a workshop, a congress, a launch or even a festival lasting several days, events can be a powerful tool in the marketing mix. We regularly use events to call attention to a topic, activate people, or deepen their engagement with a brand, place or theme. Events can be large or small, aimed at families, or designed for entrepreneurs or policy officials. We are experienced in producing engaging events, and are passionate about challenging projects or topics with a compelling message.


EventsWe developed the Space Continuum concept to show Dutch politics the sheer opportunities of Dutch space travel to our society.

Why use events?

An event is an excellent way to engage with your target group directly, offers ‘hooks’ for free publicity, and acts as a trigger for starting a conversation and telling a story. This is certainly true of corporate events such as congresses and symposia. But events also offer abundant of opportunities for connecting with consumers, too.

Oftentimes, an event is part of a place branding strategy. Everyone knows that events of this kind – especially festivals devoted to a region – can deliver enormous impact. Events attract hordes of people, generate attention and media coverage, and offer an amazing opportunity to leverage the area’s strongpoints.

In addition to events that are a sure-fire success – like the food truck festivals that pop up in every city these days – cities now also have their own events strategy, to spotlight their unique identity and core values.

What’s our approach?

When we design an event, we always begin with a strategy: what do we want to achieve, what story are we telling, what is the dreamed-of result. We link the event directly to the positioning and overall communication strategy. That way, the event reinforces the brand or the place, and vice versa. We place the production of the event in the hands of a highly experienced producer, who works in close collaboration with our strategists and advisers and, of course, with our client.