Social Media & Community Building

Working online and offline to build an engaged community.

A loyal fanbase is the key to a successful brand or product. A strong brand grows from inside out and thrives on the positive recommendations of ambassadors rather than advertising. We enjoy helping our clients build a strong fanbase. The key word is ‘together’. And social media is the backbone of our strategy.

Social Media & Community building

Campaign for Cyclefan010.


Social media are a powerful tool for reinforcing your offline message. You can start conversations with (new) target groups, seek input on what to improve, as well as ideas. This is why socials are essential for companies, brands and places, and they’re constantly evolving. Content is king and revolves around image and authenticity. Keeping up with social media is often underestimated: every platform demands a tailored strategy and content. But with the right approach, you can connect with different target groups and build an engaged community of fans and ambassadors.

We use influencers in addition to widely known social platforms. Influencer marketing involves using a person or group to influence the behaviour of the target group through their reach in connection with a specific theme. Influencer marketing is very ‘now’, which explains why it dominates the current advertising landscape. Urban influencers can also exert enormous impact on regional development – ambassadors who can single-handedly put a region or building on the map.


Building a fanbase may largely happen online, but it’s essential to connect with your audiences physically. And if you’re seeking to create a larger-scale presence for buildings and development projects, you need to get all the stakeholders involved. We do this through field research and consultation sessions groups with stakeholders, on projects such as Centrum Schalkwijk and the pop-up city park on The Grotekerkplein in Rotterdam. See here for more on our place branding expertise.

What’s our approach?

Our team includes creative and strategic community managers who assist our clients with their online challenges, and build online communities for them. We offer our clients a bespoke social media strategy. From temporary support for campaigns and events, strategic advice and training to help your own team, to taking care of all your social media accounts and activity for you.