Our grand ambition for the next 10 years

In 2028 we aim to have made the lives of 28 million urbanites better and brighter.


Why this ambition?

First of all, because we have a huge passion for cities, and because we see that cities are facing more and more challenges. Second of all, because the projects that make a difference and contribute to a better city, a brighter world and happier people – those are the ones that are giving us the most energy.

How are we making this ambition a reality?

By working on projects that make our cities enjoyable, accessible, healthy and livable – and that keep them that way. As a marketing agency with the city at its heart we dedicate ourselves to this goal every day, together with our partners and clients. A stronger and safer bike culture in Rotterdam with Fietsfan010 or a future-proof Gouda and proud residents for Gouda 750. Additionally, we initiate our own projects – by ourselves, or with partners, such as the Bright Park project with BLOC.

Will you help us?

We need you to make this monster ambition a reality! Do you know of an initiative or project – in The Netherlands or abroad – that makes a positive contribution to urban life and that can use a little bit of extra (marketing) power?


Let us know!

And help us make a jump start to achieve our goal of
28 million happy urbanites in 2028.


Many thanks,
Rinske & Gwenda

Rinske | rinske@brandurbanagency.com | (+31) 6 21 27 46 61

Gwenda | gwenda@brandurbanagency.com | (+31) 6 42 15 43 90