BRAND wins Dutch PR MVO Award

Strategic campaign BRAND and Dance for Health were awarded the Dutch PR MVO Award for the project Changing Perspectives, a campaign to use dance to change people’s attitudes to Parkinson’s disease. On Wednesday, with almost 1,800 votes, the project was the public’s favourite. The professional jury felt the same and, last night, awarded the campaign Changing Perspectives €25.000. BRAND will launch the project this summer

The jury of the Dutch PR MVO-Award praised the campaign concept Changing Perspectives for its creativity and originality. In its report, the jury commended the campaign’s approach for literally transforming the perspective of Parkinson’s’ sufferers from people with a degenerative disease to people with a passion and ability to dance. The jurors felt that the involvement of partners such as Parkinsonnet and the Dutch National Ballet contributed to the campaign’s success.

Over Changing Perspectives

People with Parkinson’s are often regarded as ‘patients’ – we feel sorry for them and see them as helpless. Dance for Health focuses on what people with Parkinson’s can do, and uses the power of dance to enhance their physical and social wellbeing. The Changing Perspectives campaign concept aims to make health professionals, patients and people in general, aware of the benefits of dance. Blurring boundaries between PR domains, the campaign seamlessly merged video marketing, social media, free publicity and event marketing.

After the summer, dancers with Parkinson’s join professional dancers of the Netherlands National Ballet in an extraordinary choreography. The impact and beauty of the encounter is captured in a video. The film appeals to Parkinson’s sufferers worldwide to be a part of this choreography. Videos of people dancing flood in from all over the globe and are edited into an amazing compilation, the Global Dance Performance, which premieres in the autumn of 2015.

Dutch PR MVO-Award

The Dutch PR Awards 2015 is organised by the industry organisation the VPRA and industry journal ‘Communicatie’. The MVO award is presented to the best, most innovative PR concept for a socially responsible project. The award is made possible by Stichting Auspiciën.